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How this all Happened

Thanks to a hectic sales career of constant travel to large cities…

…and a lifestyle that absolutely destroyed my high heels, I realized women’s shoes were not made for urban work and life.

On a typical day I would run through the airport…

…drive a rental car, walk across a slippery marble hotel lobby floor, cross city grates, etc.

Your new shoes are made to withstand the elements of a busy urban environment while maintaining high fashion.
Here is how:

  • There’s a protective plate over the heel where my floor mats typically wore the leather.
  • Then I added a 2mm thick non-slip pad to the outsole that can take on the slickest of lobby floors.
  • The heel shape and heel cap are specifically designed to aid stability, and they won’t get stuck in most city grates, cracks or decks.
  • The heel cap is made of TPU, the same material used to make roller skate wheels.
  • Finally, I added extra cushion to the insole for all day (and night) comfort.

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