Claire Flowers recently launched a dress line. The idea came to her while looking through her closet for a dress to pack for a business/pleasure out-of-town trip. She had over 100 dresses in her closet, and all she needed was two. No problem – right? Well, some were suited for work, and some were pretty for parties, but most dresses were not both work appropriate and party appropriate. Those that were didn’t travel well – who wants to spend an hour ironing the wrinkled clothes in the suitcase? Finally, some of the dresses had gone out of style. It occurred to her that all of these problems could be solved with a single dress. What could she create that would be timeless, travel well and be appropriate for both work and play? The answer – a leather shift dress. The shift dress has been around since the 1960s and has remained a fashionable, comfortable style ever since.

The shift became a symbol of independence.

Additionally, the loose, androgynous cut prioritized, for the first time…

Women’s comfort over their looks.

A leather shift dress seemed to be the answer. The style stays relevant and leather is always a choice fabric. However, leather must be cleaned, and who needs that extra expense? That’s when Claire decided to add a removable lining to the garment that snaps into place. Wear the dress all day and into the evening – remove the lining – toss in the washer. The leather never touches the wearer’s body! To clean the exterior of the leather, all that is needed is a soapy cloth.

Once the first dress was made, Claire had to test it. She packed her new dress in her suitcase and was off to LA for a work meeting followed by a weekend of fun with friends. On Friday she put a white oxford under her dress and paired the look with her Claire Flowers pumps, producing a professional look for her meeting. Then on Friday evening she wore the dress with Claire Flowers sandals and chunky gold jewelry for a night out with friends. The following day, for a BBQ, she inserted a different lining and wore the dress again with sandals and a hat. She had three very different looks, for three very different events, with a single garment. Not only did the dress look and feel luxurious, but it traveled well. She folded the dress to fit the suitcase, removed and hung it for 30 minutes, and she had a wrinkle-free dress. Not to mention, wearing the dress home on her Sunday flight, she felt like she was wearing pajamas (but certainly didn’t look like it). Claire fell in love with the dress and decided that every woman needed this versatile, comfortable, timeless garment.

Why We LOVE the Leather Shift Dress:

  • You can wear this dress during all for seasons
    • Winter – wear with an oxford and tights
    • Spring – wear with an oxford or just a blazer
    • Summer – wear the dress alone or add a sweater at night
    • Fall – wear with an oxford or just a blazer
  • You can wear this dress with boots, booties, flats, sandals or pumps
  • Leather and the shift dress style are timeless and leather is durable, you can wear this dress for 10 years
  • The shift dress style means you can fluctuate in weight and still wear it
  • The removable lining allows you to buy a few linings, wear the dress multiple times and pack less in your suitcase

The Leather Dress Line will be available exclusively at The Fur and Leather Centre with locations in the following cities:

Scottsdale, Dallas, Bethesda, St. Louis, Washington DC, Rhode Island and Boston

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